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Work (well, let's be honest it's Play) at Fernie Alpine Resort

Our mission is to provide our guests with the best vacation and recreation experience possible.



Check out the videos below to see what it's like working and playing at Fernie Alpine Resort!

Staying for the Summer?
Hike, Bike and Meet Fabulous People!

Come for the winter... stay for the summer! We are always searching for candidates who are passionate about guest experience and the outdoors. HIRING NOW for year-round and summer seasonal roles. <br>

Resort Staff Accommodation is available on a limited basis!
Please inquire with HR at the time of application.

Please inquire if you would need transport to be able to work with us this summer season at [email protected]


Video Application

Interviews will be conducted for long-distance applicants by skype or zoom and in person when possible. Video applications are recommended to help us get to know you in advance of an interview!

Our commitment is to create great memories for our guests and staff alike. We look for staff who can deliver excellence in guest service all day, every day, throughout our operating season. As it is a challenge for us to assess these qualities on paper, we request applicants create a video application. Please submit a 2-3 minute video uploaded onto YouTube (or Vimeo etc.). When you apply for a position, send the link to your video and your resume and cover letter. Thank you, and best of luck!

This is an excellent way for you to show us that you:

  • Possess an energetic and positive personality
  • Are passionate about recreation in the mountains
  • Enjoy working in a team-orientated environment
  • You are keen to work with us and be part of a legendary season at Fernie!

*Please note that video applications are not mandatory but will help us get to know you in advance! Look at our FAQs below for information on what we are looking for!

IMPORTANT: We ask that each individual only applies for one job in the online application system. Duplicate applications may be overseen. However, if there are multiple positions of interest, please state in your cover letter:

1) Top 3 jobs you wish to apply for
2) Your anticipated arrival date
3) Why Fernie Alpine Resort

Ski, Snowboard and Meet Fabulous People!

Are you hoping to spend your winter in a beautiful mountain paradise? Working with Fernie Alpine Resort may be the perfect adventure for you. We will be actively hiring for winter roles in late August. Stay in touch and check back soon.

Check Out Our Staff Testimonials!

COVID-19 Awareness


Fernie Alpine Resort requires that all staff are fully vaccinated against COVID 19 as a condition of employment.


Fernie Alpine Resort requires all employees to comply with daily 'fit for work' COVID-19 screening, masks, social distancing and sanitizing protocols.


Our parent company RCR is fully committed to the safety of our staff, guests and our local communities. Consequently all staff need to be aware of the potential for further COVID-19 operational changes.

We are committed to an Occupational Health & Safety Program that protects all our employees and guests. Respect of, and active participation in resort protocols by all employees and visitors every day is necessary for the safety excellence that is expected.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are a system of beliefs that contributes to RCR’s culture. They help guide our actions and support our mission as we endeavor to be the world’s leading mountain resort operator.

Our continued success is dependent on the balance of our five Guiding Principles:

Guest Experience

They show a commitment to exceeding the expectations of every guest to our resort, ensuring they receive a warm welcome, and that they are provided with a fun, safe environment and experience. They celebrate going the extra mile, and having fun doing it. I show a commitment to what we create for others as a resort operator and am passionate about what I do.

Employee Experience

They believe that their enthusiasm and positive attitude makes this a great place to visit or to work. They believe in taking responsibility for meeting their commitments, and inspire those around them to do the same. They celebrate accountability, safety, respect, trust, and look not for the problems, but for the solutions. They show a commitment to teamwork and fully engaging their efforts in our shared goals. They understand the terms of employment and will work to follow them.

Financial Responsibility

They understand that results matter. They are at the core of everything we do. They understand that the company has to be financially viable and that they have to ensure that their actions assist in achieving this. Taking responsibility means you and your team making the best impact you can for the financial wellbeing of the RCR group and each of the resorts.

Growth & Ingenuity

They show a commitment to the long term growth and development of themselves, their teammates, and the company. They believe that every day is a new opportunity to raise the bar on what they’ve accomplished by finding new and better ways to do things.

Community Relationships

They understand that it is RCR’s objective to give back to the communities in which we work, live and play, and they will do their part to ensure that they achieve these goals.

Get in touch with us! Human Resources Office Hours:

Monday - Friday  8:00am-5:00pm
Call us on:  250-423-4655 select option 3
Email us with your general employment question at: [email protected]


What perks will I get as an employee of Fernie Alpine Resort?

As part of our team, you will be eligible for the following perks:

  • SEASON PASS ID - lift pass is provided to all resort employees, part-time status provides all the perks at F.A.R., and full-time status provides this plus access to all perks at our sister resorts as well

  • Awesome Staff Thank You Parties with Prizes

  • Ski & Snowboard Lessons and Program Discounts

  • Discounts on Accommodation at RCR Resorts

  • Discounted Lift Tickets for Family & Friends

  • Retail Discounts - 15-25% off

  • Rental & Repair Shop Discounts

  • Food & Beverage Discounts - 20-40% off at all 8 restaurants/venues

  • Helly Hansen Online Pro Deal Discount Program

  • Reciprocal Resort Privileges for Full Time Staff

  • Employee Recognition Programs - Employee of the Month - Guiding Principle Awards, Staff Newsletter - Prize Draws, and more!

Do you offer a staff shuttle?


Please inquire if you would need transport to be able to work with us this summer season at [email protected]


Yes, we do! In the winter, you can take the staff shuttle, which operates between the town of Fernie and the resort.

It is also easy to find rides home with fellow co-workers!

Do you offer staff accommodation?

Resort Staff Accommodation is available on a limited basis! Please inquire with HR at [email protected] for details.

The town of Fernie has many options. We recommend trying to secure lodging early.


Facebook Page - Fernie BC Renters

Facebook Page - Fernie Properties for Rent

Fernie.com Forum - Homes for Rent

Fernie.com Forum - Rooms for Rent

Range Property Management

Renting in Fernie

What are you looking for in the hiring process?

We are looking for staff who have an energetic and positive personality, are passionate about the mountain lifestyle and enjoy working as part of a team. You must also demonstrate that you are safety-minded and can provide our guests with the best vacation and recreation experience possible. Certain jobs also have other qualifications that will be required.

What will I need in order to be hired?

You need to be legally entitled to work in Canada (have a SIN card) and have arranged for your own work permit. Depending on the position, you may require a police check and extra certifications, such as Food Safe, Serving it Right, First Aid, and Driver’s License. We will also conduct pre-employment reference checks.

We request all international applicants to apply immediately to secure an early job offer and enable time for visa processing.

Do you hire international applicants?

Yes! As long as you have a valid work permit. You will be required to provide a copy or photo of your valid Canadian work permit and your passport photo page. You can speak to the Canadian Consulate in your country about obtaining a work permit.

We request all international applicants to apply immediately to secure an early job offer and enable time for visa processing.

Do you have other information about moving to and living in Fernie?

What documentation will I need to provide?

Once you receive a job offer, you are required to provide the following documentation prior to starting work:

• Criminal Record Check original dated within the last 3 months (30 days for Patrol, Childcare and Kids Winter Sports School). Those individuals with a work permit/visa within this time period do not have to complete a Canadian CRC (it is included in your home country visa application).
• Social Insurance Number or proof of application
• Copy of work visa if applicable
• Certification documents, if required for the position,
• Payroll start-up package requires bank direct deposit, proof of healthcare or travel insurance coverage, and credit card for uniform issue/security.

Customer service is an important component to all jobs at FAR, check out this local training opportunity!